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The all new View and Navion 24D have been restyled for 2020 and include several improvements over the 2019 models. With new upscale details throughout, the View and Navion offer the freedom to live large in a compact coach. Combining freedom with comfort, this vehicle has been completely redesigned inside and out for an unparalleled Class C experience. Read the Top 12 Improvements in the Winnebago View and Navion 24D below.


New Mercedes-Benz VS30 Chassis: The new View and Navion are powered by the innovative, fuel-efficient Mercedes Benz VS30 Sprinter, with interior aesthetic upgrades, similar to what is in the Mercedes S Class luxury auto. The VS30 chassis comes with a 3.0 litre six cylinder turbo diesel, 325-lb. ft. of torque or power, and a Seven speed automatic 7G Tronic Plus transmission with grade braking. You can learn more about the VS30 chassis here.

Winnebago View 24D

Increased Power (2,000-watt inverter and dual group 31 batteries): The new View and Navion have increased inverter power and RV house battery power in 2020. In previous model years, the Winnebago View and Navion had a 1,000-watt pure sine wave inverter to safely power electronics within the coach, but in 2020 they upgraded it to 2,000-watts. Winnebago also upgraded the coach batteries to dual group 31 batteries.

More Storage Capacity: The Winnebago View increased interior storage capacity and added smart storage features like the recessed paper towel holder.

New Hybrid Cooktop with Both Gas and Induction: The new Winnebago View and Navion feature a hybrid cooktop with one dedicated induction cooktop and one dedicated gas cooktop. Having a gas cooktop will allow you to cook your meals while dry camping, and an induction cooktop allows for more energy efficient cooking.

Larger Compressor Refrigerator: Winnebago introduced the compressor refrigerator in the View with the launch of the 24D floorplan. The compressor refrigerator provides RVers several benefits including more consistent cooling and operation in un-level terrain.

Lighted In-Drawer Cabinets: In the 2020 Winnebago View and Navion – lighting was added to the drawers to improve the aesthetics of the drawers and to allow users to see the contents of the drawers in the dark.

Bigger Window Over Dinette: With the slideroom depth improvement, it allowed Winnebago to dramatically increase the size of the window over the dinette.

New Legs on the Murphy+ Bed: Winnebago updated the legs on the Murphy+ Bed to better blend into the Murphy+ Bed and provide better interior aesthetics.

U-Lounge with Deeper Slide Room: The 2020 Winnebago View has a deeper slide room than previous model years – measuring at 36″ – allowing for a large U-Shaped Dinette to take the place of the previous dinette. The U-Shaped Dinette measures at 42″ x 79″ and has extendable footrests.

New Roof Access Port in the TV Cabinet: New to the 2020 Winnebago View is the roof access port located in the cabinet behind the TV. This port gives owners direct access to their roofs if they want to mount a satellite, cell phone booster or any other technology. This port allows owners to customize their electronic set up and upgrade it easily throughout their ownership.

Recessed Paper Towel Holder: Winnebago added several space saving features in the Winnebago View and Navion including a recessed paper towel holder. This gives owners countertop space for where a traditional paper towel holder would have been stored.

MBUX Infotainment Center: The Mercedes-Benz VS30 chassis comes with the MBUX infotainment center. The MBUX system is both an infotainment and multi-media system that can be activated by voice controls. Similar to Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, the MBUX system is activated by a driver stating, in natural language, “Hey Mercedes.” The MBUX system is powered through artificial intelligence, so it is able to learn about the users driving preferences and create a better, more tailored experience for the driver. MBUX will learn your preferences and present them to you through a suggestions panel. Learn more about the MBUX center here.